Australian High Commission
with Non-Resident Accreditation to Tunisia

Certificate of no Impediment

Certificate of no Impediment (CNI) – Tunisia

Persons who wish to marry in Tunisia are advised to contact the appropriate Tunisian authority (where the marriage will take place) to seek information about their specific procedures, including the documents required in the process and all applicable fees. 

The Australian High Commission in Malta produces a specific version of the Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) for use in Tunisia. CNIs produced in Australia or by Australian embassies in other countries, rather than from the Australian High Commission in Malta, are generally not accepted in Tunisia. Once you have confirmed the requirements with the Tunisian authorities, a CNI can be issued - please allow enough time for issue and courier of the certificate to Tunis, as well as translation, if required.

You would be advised to retain all the original documentation required for the CNI application, and take it with you when you submit your application for marriage at the relevant Tunisian authority.

The CNI form can be downloaded here.

For comprehensive advice about the process for application, please contact the Australian High Commission:

and provide the expected date of the wedding and your contact details.