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Malta - Health Information

Malta - Health Information

Malta and Australia have a bilateral/reciprocal health care agreement which provides, free of charge, immediately necessary medical and public hospital care for Australian residents during their first six months in Malta.

If the treatment of Australian resident falls under the provisions of the reciprocal health care agreement between Malta and Australia, then the treatment is free.

***However, please note that not all procedures are covered by the reciprocal agreement and currently not all procedures are able to be done in Malta due to expertise/equipment. Therefore, an Australian resident should not rely solely on the reciprocal agreement between Australia and Malta, and we strongly recommend that you take out suitable travel insurance.

There is a reciprocal agreement between Malta and the United Kingdom for treatment currently not available in Malta, however this agreement only covers Maltese citizens.

If you require medical attention while visiting Malta, contact or visit a polyclinic and consult the doctor on duty. You should indicate that you wish to be treated under the reciprocal health care agreement. Note that as an Australian resident visiting Malta you will only be entitled to health care for a period of up to six months from the date of your arrival.


No charge services
  • Medical attention at a polyclinic provided by a doctor in Government service;

  • Nursing care (injections, dressings etc) provided by a nurse in Government service on the advice of a doctor;

  • In-patient care including operations, medicine, nursing care, accommodation and meals as a public patient in a Government hospital;

  • Hospital outpatient consultations provided by specialists in Government service;

  • Ambulance travel from site to hospital in the case of accidents and emergencies;

  • Urgent dental care provided in a Government hospital (urgent dental care does not include fillings, dental prostheses, or appliances).

In order to be eligible you will need to provide: a current Australian passport, or a passport of another country which shows you are a permanent Australian resident, as well as a a valid Medicare card.


What is not covered under the reciprocal agreement
  • Hospital accommodation and treatment as a private patient or pre-arranged treatment;

  • Items such as glasses, contact lenses, dental work, and chiropractic services;

  • Medical evacuation to Australia;


If you use medicines on a regular basis for an ongoing condition (e.g. blood pressure, asthma, etc.) take a sufficient amount with you for the trip. Routine medicines are generally not subsidised under the agreement, so you may have to pay for the total costs of your medicine. You may also find the dose or brand you use is not available.

For further information regarding the reciprocal agreement: telephone Medicare on +61 2 61241 6333, fax +61 2 6124 6222, check the Medicare website:, or email

Public Hospitals in Malta and Gozo

Mater Dei Hospital
B’Kara By-pass, B’Kara, MSD 2090
(Emergency, Maternity, Outpatient Services, 24hr Hyperbaric Chamber)
Ph: +356 2545 0000

Mount Carmel Hospital
(Psychiatric Hospital)
Ph: + 356 2141 5183 / 4 / 5

Sir Paul Boffa Hospital
(Skin Cancer, Dermatology Unit, Convalescence)
Ph: +356 2122 4491 / 2122 4581 / 2124 5091
Fax: + 356 2122 5705

Zammit Clapp Hospital
St Julian's
(Acute geriatric Hopsital)
Ph: +356 2134 4950-9
Fax: +356 2134 4914

St Vincent de Paule Residence
(Residence for the Elderly)
Ph: +356 2122 4461 / 2122 6323 / 2123 2108
Fax: +356 2124 7093

Gozo General Hospital
Ph: +356 2156 1600
Fax: +356 2156 0881

Ta' l-Ibragg Hospital
(Psychiatric Wing, Geriatric)
Ph: +356 2156 2700

Polyclinics (Health Centres) in Malta and Gozo

Birkirkara Civic Centre
Triq Tumas Fenech
Ph: +356 2149 4960

Triq Sofia
Tel: +356 2167 5492 / 2167 3292

Triq Frangisk Saver Fenech
Ph: +356 2124 3314 / 2124 4340

Pjazza Meme Scicluna
Ph: +356 2133 7244 / 2134 4766

Mosta Civic Centre
Triq il-Konstituzzjoni
Ph: +356 2141 1065 / 2143 2062

Paola Civic Centre
Pjazza Rahal Gdid
Ph: +356 2169 1314 / 2169 2366

Triq il-Vittorja
Ph: +356 2148 4450-3

Rabat Civic Centre
Pjazza San Pawl
Ph: +356 2145 9082 / 3

Gozo Civic Centre
Triq Enrico Mizzi
Ph: +356 2156 1600